Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The purpose of this society shall be to create interest and activity in the field of local history through:

       - Conducting a program of meetings on subjects of local history or historical interest.

       - Providing an educational program in cooperation with local organizations by means of exhibits, publications and talks relating to           Ellington.

       - Acquiring and maintaining for preservation and research a collection of records, facts and material, real estate or other property,           past and present, relating to the history and to the citizens of Ellington.

       - Preserving, identifying and marking buildings and sites of historic interest.

       - Carrying on in general any and all activities appropriate for a historical society.

The Ellington Historical Society and the Nellie McKnight Museum are an independent organization. We do not receive any monies from the Town of Ellington nor the State of Connecticut for our operating expenses.
We are most grateful for the support of our members and that of the members of the Ellington Community.